Blue Corded Foam Ear Plug, Box of 100, 32 Nrr - EP-253 Elvex EP-253

Blue Corded Foam Ear Plug, Box of 100, 32 Nrr - EP-253 Elvex EP-253
Бренд: Elvex
~ 2 031 ₽ 27.99 $


Product Description
New generation Elvex Blue, foam ear plugs with easier insertion and better noise reduction-32 NRR! EP-253. Today's hearing protection users demand a high level of comfort, excellent noise reduction properties as well as ease of insertion. Elvex Blue offers all that and more. Safety and health professionals demand a foam ear plug which is easy to administer and offers a high level of hygiene. They also require a plug which provides excellent attenuation, is visually easy to monitor as well as meets with employee acceptance. Elvex Blue satisfies all these demands and more. One size fits all! The dimensions of Elvex Blue allow virtually every ear canal to be fitted correctly. High visibility color makes it easy to monitor and enforce proper ear plug usage. Multilingual Packaging, English, Spanish and Chinese, assures that proper usage information is available where the plugs are dispensed. EP-253.

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