Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins

Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins
Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins - фотография #2
Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins - фотография #3
Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins - фотография #4
Lot of 4 Bartlet Collins Cranberry Flash Atomic Starburst Stemmed Goblets Bartlet Collins - фотография #5
Бренд: Bartlet Collins
~ 1 867 ₽ 35.56 $


Modified Item Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture United States
Lot of 4 
Bartlet Collins
 Cranberry Flash
 Atomic Starburst 
Stemmed Goblets

3 7/8" diameter, 6 1/8" high 

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  These goblets are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, dings or other damage that I can find with maybe the exception of a light scratch here and there on some.  There may always be small manufacturer's defects or microscopic blemishes or flaws consistent with age and use which is to be expected in antique and vintage items.  Rest assured that any major issues will always be both documented and photographed to the best of my ability. Be sure and check the photos as they are an integral part of the description and do a much better job of showing condition issues than what I can explain through the use of the written word.   Use the magnification tool and feel free to ask questions. 

 I do have more photos available and can always take more so ask for specific views if you want to see things I may not be showing to your satisfaction

Photographs are a vital part of the description:  If any issue....a scratch, chip, blemish, smudge, crazing, soiling, scuff, crack, hole, bubble, bump, roughness, manufacturer's flaw.....anything....shows up in the photos, even if it is not spelled out in my written condition section, it is part of the description and can not be used for a 'not as described complaint'.  I am an old lady with fading eyesight and I do sometimes miss things that the photos catch, or maybe there are other defects that I feel it is more important to point out in the written word.  Ebay only gives us so much space, so we must prioritize.  If you see something in the photos or the description that bothers you, by all means, point it out and ask me about it before you commit to buying.

Measurements:  3 7/8" diameter, 6 1/8" high 

Packaging: I am making an effort to remember to turn over the ends of the tape I am using on the bubble wrap so that it can easily be pulled away from the wrap without damage to the bubble wrap, thus making it available for re-use.

6839-6843 (11-2021) 4930 d - box 122 - 2 1/4 lb. unpkg'd - est shipping weight 3-4 lbs.

Alert !!!!!
 This darn virusthing (I'm not allowed to use the actual word) can live 24 hours on cardboard and 3 days on plastic such as the type of packing tape I use or the plastic padded shipping envelopes.  The good news is that plastic can be easily disinfected and made safe.  If you get a cardboard box in the mail, set it aside in a secure place that is not in your home...maybe your garage or a locked shed...and leave it alone for over 24 hours.  Wash your hands immediately after handling it and don't touch your face before you do.  Then after those 24 hours or more,  wipe the parts with tape on them down with disinfectant.  Leave the disinfectant on for 20 seconds before wiping dry.  Wash your hands immediately when you are done.  A very cheap but efficient disinfectant can be made from a simple bleach and water solution.  Most bleach bottles have the ratios on them for disinfectants.   We used it all of the time in the nursing home kitchen I worked in as a kid, as the commercial stuff used to add to rinse water for washing our pots, pans and dishes was so darned expensive.   So if you can't get the wipes or spray in the store, don't worry about it...you probably already have a bottle of bleach with your laundry stuff or cleaning supplies.   The person who shipped you your package may be entirely safe, but none of us know how many people handle your package while it is on its way to you so take precautions to keep you and your family safe.                                 

Disclaimer:  Photographs with a ruler or the metal tape measures are there to show scale only and usually will not show exact 
measurements due to the fact that the measurements on a wooden ruler start 1/16" into the wood, and 
the ruler, and also the item being different lengths away from the camera lens than the ruler or tape measure, 
even if it is only a fraction of an inch will also create a perspective issue.  Please always go by my stated measurements rather 
than guessing at the exact sized based on the photos. 

Note: Because of the way computers and cell phones are set to interpret colors that show on their monitors, and because of people's perceptions of color descriptions,  the colors you see on your screen may not be exactly the colors you will get but might appear a bit darker or lighter, or a shade or two different.  I always do
my best to show colors as close to reality as I can get them, but keep that in mind when you make your orders as, although I will accept returns for any reason, I WILL NOT accept a small difference in color shades as a valid reason for a 'not as described' claim so that you can save on shipping.  Of course, if I say that something is black and it turns out to be red when you get it, then obviously the fault is mine and the 'not as described' claim will be accepted

     If you need to have a perfect match and can send a fabric swatch or paint chip, or something else that you have that shows the exact color that you need, I 
will be happy to hold the item you are thinking of purchasing so that you can send me your swatch or whatever for me to use to check for that match.  I can photograph
the item next to the color sample that you send and you can make your final decision as to whether you want to purchase from that.

Shipping window changes: 
I am an old lady who lives quite a ways out in the country.  I also have chronic pain syndrome.  I choose a longer shipping window so that I can choose the best weather days, and best health days to make the trip into town where I run as many errands as I can including mailing 
your packages.  It is important that if you do need your item in a hurry for a birthday or special occasion, just let me know and I will be happy to do my best for you.