Original®, Clear/Blue Fluorescent, 8lb | 3.6kg Monofilament Fishing Line, Sui... Stren

Original®, Clear/Blue Fluorescent, 8lb | 3.6kg Monofilament Fishing Line, Sui... Stren
Бренд: Stren
Размер: 100 Yd, Pound Test 8
~ 1 181 ₽ 12.30 $


Color Clear/Blue Fluorescent
EAN 0042083378959
ISBN 0042083378959
Package Dimensions LxWxH 5.08x4.25x2.17 Inches
Weight 0.14 Pounds
Line Type Does not apply
The Original® monofilament line offers a versatile combination of toughness and abrasion resistance with supple sensitivity. This line is tangle resistant and designed for low memory – gliding off the reel for effortless, precision casting. Whatever the size of the fish on your hook, the superior knot and tensile strength of this line allows you to reel in absolutely everything.

The smallest details can make or break your fishing trip. Trusted by anglers looking for dependability, fishing line always delivers the perfect balance of strength, toughness and handling. With a broad range of lines available in a variety of colors and break strengths, can help you handle any fishing situation. Made in the USA.
FLUOROCAST: Boasting the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and suppleness, this mono fishing line gives anglers the upper hand in any fishing situation.
DEPENDABLE AND VERSATILE: This heavy duty fishing line provides unmatched knot and tensile strength that won’t let the toughest fish off the line.
HIGH STRENGTH PER DIAMETER MONOFILAMENT FISHING LINE: This ultra-thin fish line offers a break strength of 8lb | 3.6kg. The Clear/Blue Fluorescent color is easy to see and track in the water.
SPEND LESS TIME UNTANGLING and more time doing what you love with fishing line. Low memory line glides through the reel for enhanced handling and casting precision.
WIDE RANGE OF BREAK STRENGTHS AVAILABLE, from 4 pounds to 30. Diameter of 0.011in | 0.27mm ensures exciting fights end well, accommodating all levels and ages of anglers.