What to Expect: the Toddler Years by Arlene Eisenberg Без бренда N/A

What to Expect: the Toddler Years by Arlene Eisenberg Без бренда N/A
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Format Paperback, 928 pages
Recommended Age Range 0-12 months
Book Title What to Expect: the Toddler Years by Arlene Eisenberg
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Author Arlene Eisenberg
Language English
Publisher Workman Publishing
Subject Pregnancy & Parenting
Overflowing with intelligence and good common sense.

A first-rate accomplishment. . . . I can hardly imagine a parent's question that goes unanswered in these pages.

--Mark D. Widome, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Pediatrics, Pennsylvania State University

"This wonderful guide reminds us that it's never too early to begin teaching values such as kindness, respect, and sharing, and basics like self-esteem and honesty. . . . "It" is essential to every parent's library."

--Marian Wright Edelman, President and founder of the Children's Defense Fund

In a direct continuation of What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect the First Year, America's most trusted pregnancy and child-care books, comes an all-inclusive guide for parents of toddlers. Complete with information on self-esteem; emotional, physical, and social development; discipline; eccentric behaviors; and making time for yourself in the midst of it all.

Support and Reassurance for Hundreds of Concerns

?? How can I get my toddler talking?

?? How can I be sure my toddler is eating right?

?? Is there a way to head off my two-year-old's tantrums?

?? My husband and I need a weekend away. Should we wait for our child's consent?

?? Is preschool really necessary?

?? How can we help our son overcome his fears?

?? Our daughter is turning three and won't even look at a potty. What can we do?